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Common "questions"
  • AnswerQ1.Why do you say that the medical institutions in Japan are good?
    ◇ A:

     Japan's medical institutions have been rated as the country with the highest medical standards in the world by the World Health Organization's comprehensive medical evaluation agency for many years with "high medical ethics, superb medical skills, and high-end medical equipment."

    Japan’s medical institutions have shifted from “treatment” to “prevention”, and early detection and early treatment of “diseases” have made Japan the world’s longest-lived country.

  • AnswerQ2.Can "PTE examination" be useful for early detection of cancer?
    ◇ A:

    is very useful. The division activity of cancer cells is generally more vigorous than that of normal cells, so it will absorb more glucose. FDG-PET examination is from intravenous injection of FDG (similar to glucose). Then, the distribution of FDG in human body can be detected by PET camera."PTE inspection" has very slight radiation, but it has little effect on the human body. FDG is also discharged in urine, so please be assured.

  • AnswerQ3.What is medical visa?
    ◇ A:

    medical stay visa shall be issued to foreign patients, including medical examinees, etc., and attendants who are on duty to receive medical treatment in Japan. Please consult the details of the period of stay and the application procedure.  info@Roko369.com

  • AnswerQ4.How can I apply for a visa?
    ◇ A:

    certificate of approval by a medical institution and a certificate of identity by the identity Guarantee Agency issued by our company approved as a registered identity guarantee organization. At the time of the application, the document of the guarantee and application is submitted to the embassy or consulate of Japan. Please consult the details of the application procedure.  info@Roko369.com

  • AnswerQ5.How much does it cost?
    ◇ A:

    The fee includes (1) medical examination (treatment) fee for the medical institution (2) accommodation fee during the stay (3) service during the stayFees, etc. The fee is subject to change according to the customer's request. According to the requirements of your consultation, we will make a medical examination fee quotation.And a treatment cost estimate quotation.

  • AnswerQ6.When do you pay?
    ◇ A:

    All are pre-paid systems. After signing the contract, please use "WeChat Payment" or "Alipay Payment", or transfer the funds to the designated account of the company, and the company will pay for medical expenses and accommodation expenses in Japan.

  • AnswerQ7.I can't speak Japanese, so I'm not sure about the examination and treatment.
    ◇ A:

    It doesn't matter. Don't worry about it. Professional medical translation, needless to say, will also be equipped with translations to the airport, accommodation and medical institutions.

  • AnswerQ8.I'm worried about living in Japan.
    ◇ A:

    Don't worry, we will support and serve you, even without overseas travel experience can stay in Japan at ease. In addition, according to your request, we will also arrange accommodation, sightseeing and other sports activities (such as golf) that you like. Make your stay in Japan a colorful life. If there is any need, please contact us info@Roko369.com

  • AnswerQ9.What happens when an accident or theft occurs?
    ◇ A:

    Before entering the country, please join the damage insurance by yourself.