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    We have bridges between overseas people who wish to undergo medical examinations and treatments, and medical institutions of Japan that excel in the world, with approval as "identity guarantee institution for medical stay visa" I will.

    At medical examination, we are introducing a medical institution that can use advanced medical equipment to provide accurate data obtained from high quality examination using advanced medical technology. For patients with therapeutic objectives, present doctors with abundant knowledge and numerous clinical experience, accurate examination data and detailed treatment policies to patients and their families and receive treatment with confidence We can introduce such top-class medical institutions in Japan that you can receive nursing of hospitality when you are hospitalized.

    In addition, we have been able to respond to various consultations and medical visa acquisition as well as after-sales follow-up after returning to Japan.

    We look forward to your continued support and cooperation in the future

    Minister of medical services

    Doctor (Medicine) Shimomura Kinya

    Information on Medical Division

    As a "medical stay visa identity guarantee institution"(Reference: Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

    the company's medical division provides comprehensive services for foreign business customers or individuals to travel to Japan for medical tourism. Service Content;

    1, the issuance of an identity guarantee for applying for a medical visa. 

    2, Customized private health services

    3, introduce the inspection centers corresponding to various health checks.            

    4, introduce medical institutions and doctors suitable for treatment.

    5, assist in arranging hospitalization and various medical plans;  

    6, arrange professional medical translation accompany; 

    7, arrange additional services such as pick up, sightseeing, spa and business visit.  

    8, agency medical visa and payment of various funds.

    Our thoughts

    For healthy people, keep health, for patients, except for diseases.

    Let Japan's most accurate medical services be around you, 

    and let the best medical institutions in Japan be your best private 

    health care doctor.Let the medical team and experts who are most suitable 

    for your treatment in Japan to serve you, help you to come forward 

    with hope and rest assured.

    Precision medicine, photo display

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     Peace of mind, peace of mind