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In recent years, due to changes in dietary life and long-term deposition of excessive work stress, the number of patients with lifestyle-related diseases has increased year by year, especially the increase in diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

For your health and peace of mind to enjoy life, we recommend Japan's "PET early cancer comprehensive precision health checkup".

In Japan, as early as 30 years ago, the national policy for national defense cancer was established. After more than 30 years of painstaking research and practice, a world-class cancer prevention and control system was nurtured and constructed. Early use of precision medical instruments for accurate physical examination, early detection of diseases, and the use of modern medical technology and research and development of new drugs for early treatment, more than 80% of cancer patients have been relieved and prolonged life. Japan is the world's longest-lived country, and is also rated as the country with the highest medical level in the world by the World Health Organization's comprehensive medical evaluation agency.

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The world's top Japanese early accurate medical examination: 

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◇ PET / CT

◇ Physical Measurement Height / Weight • BMI • Abdominal Area Measurement • Body Fat

◇ Ophthalmology • Otolaryngology Inspection Sight, ocular pressure, fundus oculi, hearing ability

◇ Cardiovascular examination ECG, blood pressure, ABI

◇ Respiratory examination Chest x-ray • pulmonary function

◇ Digestive system examination Gastroscope (nasal)

◇ Ultrasound examination Abdomen

◇ Fecal examination occult blood (hemoglobin qualitative two times method)

◇ urinalysis Protein • sugar • occult blood • ph • specific gravity • sediment

◇ blood test blood general • liver function • lipid metabolism • sugar metabolism •Uric acid • pancreatic enzyme • renal function • infection • blood type etc

◇ Male prostate examination MRI image examination

◇ Female Breast cancer examination Breast ultrasound, 3D mammography, CA15-3・CEA  Uterus (neck) cancer examination Internal examination, 

   cell diagnosis, transvaginal ultrasound, CA125, SCC


◇ Head MRI / MRA inspection 

◇ Cardiovascular examination ECG, blood pressure, ABI

◇ blood test lipid metabolism • neutral fat • total cholesterol •HDL cholesterol • LDL cholesterol • Sugar metabolism • blood sugar • HbA1c • 

   uric acid metabolism • uric acid

en_13.jpg◇ Mammary gland ultrasound • Mammography • CA 15-3 • CEA

en_15.jpg◇ Internal examination • Cytology • Transvaginal ultrasound • CA 125 • SCC


◇ Cardiovascular examination Electrocardiogram • blood pressure • ABI • exercise stress test

◇ Ultrasound examination Heart • carotid artery

◇ blood test lipid metabolism • neutral fat • total cholesterol • HDL cholesterol • LDL cholesterol • Sugar metabolism • blood sugar • HbA1c • 

   uric acid metabolism • uric acid

◇ Other NT-proBNP

en_19.jpg◇ Chest CT examination • Lung function • Shifra • NSE • CEA • sputum cytology


◇ Gastroscope (nasal) test • Anti Helicobacter pylori IgG antibody • pepsinogen • CEA


◇ Colonoscopy • CEA

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Health checkup content


◇ Unbroken brain aneurysm    ◇ Brain tumor   ◇  Acoustic neuroma    ◇ Cerebral    ◇ Brain arteriovenous malformation


◇ Angina pectoris     ◇ Myocardial infarction     ◇ arteriosclerosis


◇ Japan's proud heavy particle line treatment


◇ Uterine transplantation (clinical stage)


◇ Respiratory tract     ◇ Digestive tract    ◇ Urinary system     ◇ Ophthalmology    ENT       

◇ Stomatology [tooth / dental (high-grade porcelain teeth) / orthodontics]

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