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Go to Japan for accurate medical examination green channel


Go to Japan for treatment of diseases


Support and services during your stay
      Medical Service

      Noble medical ethics, warm medical services, meticulous.High-class hotel-style modern hospital, quiet and elegant.High-end medical equipment, physical examination (treatment) is accurate and simple, peace of mind, peace of mind, comfortable

        Hot spring treatment

        If you want to have a spa treatment in Japan after a health check-up, we will help you arrange a stay at a first-class hot spring hotel, experience history and culture, restore physical fitness and cultivate your heart.

          Exotic scenery

          If you want to enjoy the exotic scenery, we will recommend the best travel itinerary according to the location and season of Japan, so that you can integrate into nature and linger on!

            Unique cuisine

            We will take you to taste the "eye dishes" three major Japanese cuisines, unique high-end crab banquet, traditional kaiseki cuisine, popular Japanese Japanese beef dishes (teppanyaki, barbecue, sukiyaki pot), let you Endless aftertaste, worthwhile trip!

              Shopping spree

              We will take you to the high-end department store or the shopping paradise you want, buy (buy), value for money, let you go and go home!

                Sports activities

                We can take you to see the Japanese big sumo and baseball games, feel exotic and have a good time. It also takes you to the top golf courses or ski resorts to showcase your skills and style.

                  Returning to China

                  Please confirm your passport and ticket in your hand? You have not forgotten to buy gifts for relatives and friends!Please be assured that we have paid for medical and accommodation expenses on your behalf.Friends, with your good memories and our sincere blessings, return to the motherland smoothly and smoothly. Goodbye